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When you’re looking to keep your Honda Civic in perfect condition and performing at its best throughout your treks across Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Orange County, CA, you’ll want to keep up with routine service and maintenance. In fact, you’ll want to know your Honda Civic maintenance schedule.

At Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Huntington Beach, we’re here to help you get more out of your Civic through regularly scheduled maintenance. This guide will keep you updated on when you’ll need to schedule service and what type of services your vehicle will need!

Knowing Your Maintenance Minder System

Your Honda Civic includes a Maintenance Minder System. It’s an onboard diagnostics system that will inform you of particular services that your vehicle will need to have performed. The system will display a code indicating a specific type of service that your vehicle will need. These codes appear based on factors like mileage and malfunctions, so it’s the best way to stay ahead of your service.

When you see a code appear, you’ll want to schedule your Honda service with us to have the maintenance needs of your Civic met!

Honda Civic Maintenance Minder System Codes

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Because this system displays a specific code indicating certain services, it helps to know what the codes mean, so you’ll know what type of service your vehicle is to have performed.

Here’s your Honda Civic Maintenance Minder Codes:

  • Code A- Replace your engine oil
  • Code B- Replace your engine oil and the oil filter, and perform specific inspections

These main codes will also have subcodes, which will indicate a further list of services and inspections that your Honda Civic will need:

  • Code 1- You’ll want to rotate your tires and have their inflation and condition checked.
  • Code 2- Your air cleaner, and dust and pollen filter, will need to be replaced (about every 15,000 miles).
  • Code 3- You’ll want to have your manual transmission fluid replaced (if applicable).
  • Code 4- You’ll need to replace your spark plugs.
  • Code 5- Your engine coolant needs to be replaced.
  • Code 7- Your brake fluid needs to be replaced.

The Benefits of Keeping Up with Your Honda Civic Maintenance Schedule

While the Maintenance Minder System keeps you informed of certain services that your vehicle will need, it’s up to you to take action and schedule the service to have these needs met, so your Civic can experience the benefits.

When you follow through on your Maintenance Minder codes and routine service, it’ll help keep your Civic in great shape. Not only will all its needs be met, but you’ll be able to enjoy its smooth and efficient performance. It could even last you longer than you originally had expected!

Schedule Your Honda Civic Maintenance Today

Now that you’re familiar with the various services and inspections that go into keeping your Honda Civic in great shape, you’re ready for the next time a Maintenance Minder Code appears! Simply schedule your service with us at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore Huntington Beach!

Our team is here to help your Civic take on the roads of Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Orange County, California, while performing at its best!

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