Certified Pre-Owned Cars vs Used Cars

If you’re currently in the market for your next used car, you’ve probably heard the term Certified Pre-Owned thrown around a time or two. Though you might initially assume this is interchangeable with a used car, quite the opposite is true.

In a matchup of certified pre-owned vs. used cars, Long Beach, Cerritos, and Newport Beach drivers will find that either could make a great choice. The Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach team will show you why.

What’s the Real Difference Between Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles and Other Used Cars?

What sets the certified pre-owned, or CPO, vehicle apart is that it has been recertified and fixed with a limited factory warranty. Of course, this is only earned after having undergone a rigorous multipoint inspection.

During this process, the technician looks over all the essential components of the vehicle. If anything doesn’t run properly, or doesn’t quite meet their standards, it will then either be refurbished or replaced entirely.

Most CPO vehicles also have the distinction of being pretty low in miles when they arrive at the dealership to begin with. They may have been off-lease trade-ins that were only lightly used, making them the perfect candidate for recertification.

Certified Pre-Owned vs Used: Which Option is Right for You?

The certification and renewed limited factory warranty makes a CPO vehicle a safe bet in terms of quality. However, that added assurance is something that you’re going to pay extra for.

When you buy a used vehicle from a dealership (as opposed to, say, a private dealer), you’re pretty much guaranteed great quality. The only thing you’re really going to miss is that warranty in the event that you get the car into a jam, that is.

So, which is right for you: certified pre-owned or used? The answer depends entirely on whether you’d prefer that extra coverage or not.

Take a Look at Our Pre-Owned Vehicles Right Now

The best way to determine which car is right for you is always to get up close and personal. The service technicians have already looked everything over for flaws and wear, so you can be certain that’s taken care of. However, you’ll still want to closely examine design and space.

At our dealership, all our used and certified pre-owned cars are available online for your perusal. By browsing this online inventory, you’ll get a closer look at specs and features that matter most to you.

Afterward, why not take your favorite models for a test drive? Contact the dealership online or over the phone to schedule yours today.

Learn More About Our Certified Pre-Owned & Used Inventory

After checking out our selection online, you may have questions about a specific feature. If so, don’t hesitate to contact the Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach team. We’re happy to help all Long Beach, Cerritos, and Newport Beach drivers get to know their favorite cars.

If you need any more information, contact our team today!

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