Our Favorite Skate and Surfboard Shops by the Beach

Skateboard Shops by the Beach

Whether you’re looking to buy some surfing apparel, skateboarding gear, or some wax for your board, it’s always good to find a local skate and surf shop to find such things. However, there’s nothing better than coming right off the beach and walking into a shop. Luckily, there’s some great spots in Huntington Beach to check out.

Here’s our favorite skate and surfboard shops by the beach!


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Skateboarding Shops by the Beach

There’s nothing quite like getting around Huntington Beach with a nice set of wheels, but more specifically, a Hamboard. This local company and internet retailer took off with their custom skateboards, which are designed with surfing in mind, giving its riders a more fluid handling when making turns and navigating curves. Since their debut on Shark Tank, this local shop expanded and has spread their brand and unique boards across the country. When you’re looking for some cool apparel, or a uniquely designed Hamboard, you’ll know where to find them!

Harbour Surfboards

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Surfboard Shops by the Beach

Since 1959, when surfing was in a revolution and gaining popularity, Harbour Surfboards was at the forefront—and to this day is still one of the go-to surf shops in the area. Head in and get a custom-made surfboard. They’ve got plenty of sizes and designs to choose from so you can catch waves in style. Of course, you can pick up some 60th anniversary apparel with several t-shirts and hats, or you can simply rock their coffee mugs and tumblers.

When it’s time to head to some local skate and surf shops, these spots in Huntington Beach are the top choices for most local surfers and skaters.


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