Best Place for Bike Riding around Huntington Beach, CA

Around Huntington Beach there are some of the best places for bike riding nearby. We California people are all about living outdoors, so we’ve got some seriously great bike paths that are both well-maintained and beautifully scenic. Here’s a list of four of the best places for bike riding around Huntington Beach.

Pacific Coast Highway is a great place to ride your bike since the thick paved path extends from south of Newport Beach all the way up the coast to Sunset Beach. Though it might get crowded on the weekends around both Newport Beach Pier and Huntington Beach Pier, the trail is the perfect place to ride in early mornings and in the evening when traffic is thinner. There’s a mix of road and paved trail along the PCH so you’ll want to stay on guard. Bicycle speed limit is 10 MPH and 5MPH near pedestrians.

El Morro Canyon Loop Trail is right around Costa Mesa. It’s an 8.9 mile loop that weaves through nature paths. This is a mountain biking trail that has a great scenic view and that you’ll likely want to spend some time on. Though it’s a bit short compared to the PCH, it’s the views that you ride it for. It’s not the easiest ride so this trail is better for those riders in pretty good shape who are used to hills and off-road biking.

Peters Canyon Lake View Trail is a super easy ride. It’s a 2.6 mile loop trail which is primarily used for walking. It’s great for both hiking and mountain biking and features some great views. Dogs on leashes and horses are permitted on the trail so you’ll want to pay attention to what’s going on around you.

To extend your ride, go for the whole Peters Canyon Loop which goes through Peters Canyon Regional Park and will give you more of a workout. It’s a 5.7 mile loop that offers even more great views. This trail is used also as a hiking trail and dogs are still permitted on the trail.

Before heading out to any of these trails, be sure to check out a map of the trail. You’ll want to know where you’re going so you make sure you don’t get lost. Be sure to take safety precautions including wearing a helmet, carrying a fully-charged phone or taking a friend along, and be sure you have what you need in the event of a flat tire. Bike riding is great fun and a great workout so get out there and enjoy the best bike riding trails near Huntington Beach.

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