Best surf beaches near Huntington Beach

Southern California is the place for surfing and features numerous spots that surfers frequent all year round. While Huntington Beach surf is one of the most popular in the area, there are several others that are ideal for surfers of all ability levels. The following are some of the top options, all situated one hour or less from the Huntington Beach surf.

Lower Trestles

Located near San Clemente, in a relatively undeveloped part of old California, Lower Trestles is a classic surf spot and one of the best in Orange County, perhaps even in the whole state. Offshore winds create endless surf breaks that are perfect for both longboards and shortboards. The Trestles consists of several surfs including Cottons Point, Upper Trestles, Middles, and Church. All these others are equally good for surfing, but Lower Trestles is a gorgeous setting where visitors can also relax and enjoy the beautiful views. Find Lower Trestles just off the 5 Freeway on Christianitos Road.

Salt Creek

Another stunning spot, Salt Creek is a large cove in Dana Point at the north end of Laguna Niguel by PCH at Ritz Carlton Drive. It is made up of three surfing spots: to the south lies The Point, where surfers can experience excellent breaking waves but may need to compete with other surfers to access the take-off area. In the center is Middles; less crowded than The Point and where, at times, surfers will find large peaks. To the north is Gravels; a spot where surfers will find strong breaking tubes when the swell is up.

Venice Beach

Located in Marina Del Rey on Washington Boulevard, Venice Beach is a perfect option for surfers heading to or from Los Angeles from Huntington Beach surf. Venice Breakwater is a highly acclaimed spot, sheltered to the north by a manmade barrier. Surfers coming to Venice Breakwater should be of at least intermediate ability as waves are short, fast, and constant; however, breaks do differ according to the swell intensity and direction, tide, and time of day.

San Onofre State Surfing Beach

Another surf in San Clemente is San Onofre; located on Basilone Road off the 5 Freeway, north of the power plant. The beach consists of two surfs San O and Trails. The former is split into three breaks, all of which feature mainly beginner waves, of which Dog Patch, the farthest to the south, is the easiest of all. Trails, on the other hand, sometimes receive some larger swells. Surfers can access this beach, which is usually free from crowds, by walking down a series of dirt tracks, slightly farther down Basilone Road than San O.

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