Bought a new Honda accord here

Aug 13, 2014 Ivan M. via

Bought a new Honda accord here with the great help from Feraz. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. Genuine guy and also had better service than other past dealers around the area. The deal was quick and simple. Thanks again!

From start to finish Michael Lott

Aug 12, 2014 Rowena Jacobe via

From start to finish Michael Lott provided excellent customer service. He and Mike Hansen worked hard to get me into a vehicle I am happy with while Boc Nguyen worked swiftly to finish up all the finance paperwork on time for me to get to work. Awesome team! Great experience!

If you come across to buy a new

Aug 10, 2014 Lindsey H. via

If you come across to buy a new car for a best deal and easy processing, just call and see Michael Pham. He is the most amazing sale person! Talk to Michael Pham you will feel buying a car is like a piece of cake which actually not!!! I bought my second car here from Michael Pham and I have great experience both time! He gave us such a great deal and only spent a few hours for the whole process. He is a straight forward person so the price he gave is the best price that you don't wanna bargain again! You would never feel ripped off or pushing to make any decisions. He is always patient and spend time to go over all the functions in the car making sure that you are happy. He make me feel like talking a family member not any saleman. Anyways I got a honda accord sport 2014 today and I am very happy with the car and the deal he gave! Thank you Michael Pham!!!

Awesome experience throughout

Aug 09, 2014 Mike C. via

Awesome experience throughout the new car buying/leasing & trade-in processes. No rush or pressure to make a choice right away! We took five days to finalize our deal! Sales & leasing consultant Kyle T. was personable, knowledgeable, & honest from the get-go! Sharing my KBB & Consumer Report research with him was received with respect & understanding, & ultimately was the final basis for trading in our used Honda Civic to them. We got a fair deal! He provided a balance between his employer & my wife & I, explaining what he/the dealership could & could not do! From him, we gained valuable information about buying versus leasing & hybrid versus gas fueled cars. Ultimately, his time with us was invaluable because it helped us make our final choice, leasing a new Honda Accord LX. Even changing our minds about the car color & trim at the last minute, didn't phase him or the process! Our concern & request was received with a smile & let's do it! We went from silver/gray to white/ivory (tan). Also, Finance Manager, Boc N. made the always long, drawn out, arduous final paperwork process a personable, streamlined experience. From past experiences at other dealerships, we've come to dread getting hammered at the end of the process to buy unwanted assessories & warranty plans! While these things were mentioned, it was definitely a casual, friendly, soft sell! Going into the final paperwork process, we never intended to buy any additional extras except for wheel locks & splash guards. But Boc made us a great offer on the security system, Sky Link, that we just couldn't refuse! It was too good to not better ensure the security of our new car investment! Many thanks to Kyle T. & Boc N. for making this an enjoyable, fair experience for both sides!

Pham is a very honest consultant

Aug 05, 2014 Danh Dinh via

Pham is a very honest consultant. I am a recent grad. I have been shopping around different dealers but my experience here is the most positive. I can trust him. Pham could have done a mediocre job but he went beyond that. He treated me with respect. He showed me everything. I had a postive buying experience. Thank Pham!

Pham is a very honest consultant

Aug 05, 2014 Danh Dinh via

Pham is a very honest consultant. I am a recent grad. I have been shopping around different dealers but my experience here is the most positive. I can trust him. Pham could have done a mediocre job but he went beyond that. He treated me with respect. He showed me everything. I had a postive buying experience. Thank Pham!

I stopped in the sales department

Aug 05, 2014 Lisa N. via

I stopped in the sales department to look for a car for my husband, while my Accord was being serviced (which, by the way, they did in record time & even washed my car!). Managers, Vee Anglade & Mike Hansen exceeded my expectations & gave me a deal I couldn't refuse! I ended up not only getting my husband a beautiful new Accord Coupe, but I got an amazing new Accord Sedan for myself! The whole transaction was quick & hassle free. They even drove my second vehicle home for me. Vee & Mike were friendly, thorough, & a pleasure to work with. These are my 9th & 10th vehicles from Norm Reeves Honda in Huntington Beach. I don't plan on ever shopping for a car anywhere else!

Buying a car ranks just above

Aug 04, 2014 Dan H. via

Buying a car ranks just above a visit to the dentist in my list of most painful life experiences - until I met Riz at Norm Reeves HB. From the very beginning when I requested an Internet quote via their website, Riz provided superb customer service. He was super friendly, polite, and, it turns out, honest. I know it sounds weird, but I swear we were getting hotel-quality service at a car dealership of all places. The quote he provided for a new Honda Odyssey EX-L was the lowest among all the dealerships in Orange County. Another dealership warned us saying that there was no way this price could be real and that there must've been hidden costs and fees. Well, I got news for you, smart guy, there weren't any! The only bad part was the car was being shipped to HB, but Riz promised he'd save it for us and not allow any extra dealer add-ons to be installed. Two days later, we drove home in a brand-new Odyssey with only 2 miles on it! To top it off, Dustin in finance was totally easy to work with and didn't push us hard to get any of the extra protection packages. If you're in the market for a Honda, there's absolutely no reason to buy from anyone else except Riz!P.S. Their customer lounge has an awesome coffee machine and comfy leather seats.

I came here to get my car serviced

Aug 04, 2014 Linda M. via

I came here to get my car serviced. There were 3 service advisors already helping customers so I waited in line for about 10 minutes. Finally, it was my turn but the service advisor told me to hold on and that he'll be right back. I waited for another 10-15 minutes and he still didn't come back. I got tired of waiting and saw a different service advisor that was available and asked him if he can help. At first he seemed like I was just bothering him, but he ended up giving us a $10 discount for the wait which I appreciate. If you have kids there is a kids room with a door you can shut. There is a TV and some toys to keep your kids entertained while you wait.

I have always dreaded buying a car

Aug 02, 2014 LaidaG via

I have always dreaded buying a car. I have had several terrible experiences in the past but I had an amazing car buying experience at Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach. I contacted several dealerships attempting to find the best possible price for a 2014 Honda Odyssey and the price offered by Inte...

I'm very grateful for the opportunity

Aug 02, 2014 Vivian Contreras via

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to thank Bryan Tully and Mike Lott publicly for making our recent Honda purchase as easy as possible and downright pleasant. They were not only knowledgeable and friendly, they genuinely cared about our needs and made sure we were happy and satisfied throughout the process. Naturally, the finances of buying a car are always stressful, but these two gentlemen worked as a team to make sure we knew we were getting the best deal we could find for our certified pre-owned Accord. We walked away feeling GREAT about our big decision and that is very rare. We will never forget it. And we will never forget our new go-to Honda team! Thank you Bryan and Mike!!

Love, love, love this place!

Aug 01, 2014 Angelina G. via

Love, love, love this place! by far the best car buying experience ever!! They were not pushy at all, and even now 7 months after I have taken my car off the lot they still cater to my every request. The finance department was also super accommodating, they drove to my work when they needed additional forms signed. They appointments are always hassle free, and they through in a car wash almost every time! Thanks Norms (-:

I would have to say for my first

Jul 28, 2014 Long Chau via

I would have to say for my first time buying a car it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Micheal was a great help on picking out the color I wanted and then I got to drive it. The way that he explained the financing and monthly payment was simple and easy to understand. I have my honda civic 2014 for a week now and I love it! It runs great, just don't over pump your tires because they look pretty flat when you drive it off the lot but it should be fine. I would definitely recommend giving this place a shot if you are looking to buy a new car.

This is the dealership for us!

Jul 27, 2014 Garrett Ono via

This is the dealership for us! My Mom and I drove down to Norm Reeves Honda today and was approached by Dan Bencun as soon as we stepped on the lot. I informed him that I was interested in getting a new or newly pre-owned Honda 4door Accord. Dan took us inside to get a good idea of everything I was looking for car and price wise. He was very detailed and listened to everything my mom and I had to say. After going over everything I wanted in a car we couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, but Dan was so awesome and helpful I decided that when I am ready to buy my next car it will be from Dan Bencun at Norm Reeves Honda in Huntington Beach. Dan was more than understanding of me wanting to wait for the right deal to come up for my next car. I felt no pressure from him to buy today unlike most of the dealerships I have gone to. I am looking forward to purchasing my Honda car very soon. Thanks again Dan!

I was on my way to buy a Prius

Jul 24, 2014 April B. via

I was on my way to buy a Prius and stopped in Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. I have always been a Honda fan and was having second thoughts about switching to Toyota. The sales people were super friendly and very helpful. They helped me analyze the prices and rates of a Prius compared to a Honda Insight. The sales man Paul Schroeder was super friendly and helpful. He asked management to move a car from the back of the show room just so I could test drive it. The dealership gave me a great trade in deal for my 2005 Honda Civic, and was able to give me an even lower APR finance plan than even USAA (known for their low APRs). I drove home happy in a new Honda Insight. The car has been a perfect fit for me ever since and the best decision I could have made. If you are in the market for a new car, I strongly recommend stopping in to chat with Norm Reeves Honda and I highly recommend the Insight EX if you are in the market for a Hybrid.

I don't write many reviews, but ...

Jul 23, 2014 Dennis G. via

I don't write many reviews, but I just wanted to say that today, after going through three or four needless phone conversations I finally connected with a "parts man". Mr. Castro was very efficient , knew what I wanted- told me unlike the first guy that the spark plugs I needed were in stock and not "special order". Kudos to Vincent Castro-- job well done.

Norm Reeves is Awesome!

Jul 20, 2014 Rory Geil via

Upon our arrival at Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach, my wife and I were pleasantly greeted my Michael Lott. Michael and Brian Tully were extremely helpful in assisting us in purchasing a 2014 Honda Pilot Touring edition (replacing our 2010 Pilot Touring model). They walked us through the process, answered all of our questions (and then some) and took care of all of our concerns on our trade in, especially wiping the GPS and phone book of previous addresses and phone numbers. This has to be the best experience we have ever had in purchasing a new car. They did a fantastic job!! We highly recommend Michael Lott and Bryan Tully for this great experience -- and Norm Reeves Honda Huntington Beach.

Norm Reeves is Awesome!

Jul 17, 2014 Omar H. via

Norm Reeves is Awesome! After spending a few weeks looking for a civic si, I came across one at this dealer. I went in that same day and was helped out by Dan. He made my first car buying the greatest! Very patient and not pushy like a lot of sales persons at other places, very helpful, mellow and friendly. After agreeing on getting the car, the process of paper work and getting the car off the lot was made easy and simple by Dustin. Both Dustin and Dan the man made my first car buying the greatest and I'd definitely recommend Norm Reeves in H.B.

I came to Norm Reeves Huntington Beach to

Jul 16, 2014 kevin carrasco via

I came to Norm Reeves Huntington Beach to check out a car I seen online. I was first greeted very warmly by Mike Lott. I explained to him what I was looking for and he very quickly introduced me an expert, Bryan Tully, in the type of vehicle I was looking for. Bryan was very helpful and patient making sure I understood everything I needed to know about purchasing this vehicle. He worked everything out to my needs and I'm glad to say I walked out with a new vehicle. Come to Norm Reeves in Huntington Beach and ask for Mike or Bryan and you won't be disappointed.

Excellent Experience at Norm Reeves Honda

Jul 15, 2014 Renee F. via

Excellent Experience at Norm Reeves Honda on July 4th, 2013. I was in the market for a new or certified Honda CRV since my precious 1997 Honda CRV was totalled in a recent car accident. I walked onto the lot and saw my next love- a gently used 2011 Honda CRV in tango red pearl. My heart was set on a red one and there she was! I was immediately greeted by Michael Pham and then graciously greeted by Portfolio Manager Vee Anglade and her Sales Manager Brandon Ortiz. They worked beautifully as a team and provided superior customer service throughout every step of our transaction. They made the car buying process a very enjoyable and informative experience and put my mind at ease. It is obvious that they are true professionals in their craft and are an outstanding example of superior customer service. Thank you Vee and Brandon!!

If you're interested in purchasing/leasing a new car

Jul 14, 2014 Lucy Ta via

If you're interested in purchasing/leasing a new car with a good deal, Michael Pham is the guy for you! He helped me lease a 2014 Honda Civic Coupe LX at such an amazing price. He was very persistent on trying to help us find the best deals. Unlike many other car dealers that have helped me throughout my car hunting, Michael was very patient and did not pressure us into making any quick decisions knowing that a lot of our hard earned money would be on the line; he actually gave me a moment to discuss with my family about a plan if we were to lease the car. AND he has also helped my aunt purchase two other cars, and every time he assisted my family, it has always been a great experience. His service was just absolutely superb and I am very fortunate to have had him assist us! Please, if you want to have great service, you must try to reach Michael!

Andy Luong is the best service representative!

Jul 14, 2014 Steve T. via

Andy Luong is the best service representative! We had an electrical problem and was quoted several thousand dollars in repair from other dealers. Andy found the problem and it only cost us $50; he is truly a master. We have both of our cars serviced here & I recommend them.

Have had my Honda Accord serviced here a few times

Jul 12, 2014 Ashley S. via

Have had my Honda Accord serviced here a few times, most recently for an oil change, and have received excellent service. From arrival, greeted promptly by a service adviser who notified me what I was due for and took a quick look at my tires and told me I could hold off on having them serviced. In their waiting room I was helped to a cup of tea from one of those fancy coffee makers with lots of buttons. Comfortable and clean waiting room with TV for entertainment. My online coupon was honored so got a discount, and they threw in a free car wash too. Happy with the customer service, results, and timeliness overall! Thanks Benito!

My buying experience was so wonderful

Jul 10, 2014 Connie Gallardo via

My buying experience was so wonderful I went home and baked muffins for Bryan Tully, my sales consultant. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, answered my questions clearly & treated me with respect. Sometimes it is difficult for a women to buy a car but he made the experience enjoyable, not a word people usually use when buying a car. My last car was purchased here at Norm Reeves in 2002 and my next car will also be purchased here at Norm Reeves. I have been bringing my car here for service since 1993 and plan to continue using the great service department!

I recently leased my Honda CRV at this location

Jul 05, 2014 Carly Cagle via

I recently leased my Honda CRV at this location, and my experience was great! I first visited Norm Reeves to take a look at their inventory. Leo Hernandez was extremely helpful and personable. He showed us the differences in the models and was supportive in my pickiness in color combination/choice. He insisted that we take our time and feel free to come back during the upcoming holiday weekend in order to insure that we get the best deal- which we very much appreciated. When we returned, both Bryan Tully and Leo Hernandez assisted us. Bryan was very knowledgeable about the CRV and also extremely personable. It was very refreshing to have conversations that were not strictly business. Bryan was able to get us the exact car we wanted for the exact price- there was no bs or uncomfortable situation. We named the price we wanted, and Bryan worked to get it for us. We will definitely be referring Norm Reeves Honda to everyone we know! Thank you Bryan and Leo!

Great experience with Anthony Dang!

Jul 03, 2014 Tiffany D. via

Great experience with Anthony Dang! Got my first brand new car at this location and enjoyed the customer service he provided. My grandma isn't so fond of salesmen, but he made the process ran smoothly that she got him another client!

Went to Norm Reeves in Huntington Beach

Jul 03, 2014 Beverly D. via

Went to Norm Reeves in Huntington Beach because they had a Honda Odyssey for a good price. We have been looking at them and a few dealerships around our area felt shady. We drove from Santee to look at this vehicle! Connie Borja was our sales person and she was super nice! We did not expect to buy the vehicle that day but drove off the lot with it:) She explained how everything worked inside and helped set up the bluetooth. She was very warm and down to earth. Even though the process took a few hours, it was a great experience. Also want to shout out to Lashanda Smith the Finance Manager, super nice and funny! 2 lovely people to work with!! Thank you and we LOVE our van!

We purchased a Honda Accord EXL V6

Jul 02, 2014 techvana via

We purchased a Honda Accord EXL V6 with Navi on June 26, 2014, we love the performance and the added features; such as, ECO assist, Informative Display, Driving position memory system and a lot more. Plus we were attracted to the curb appeal of the car. My husband loves the look of all the angles of the car. Vee Anglade was our helpful salesperson. Vee took the time to explain and find answers to whatever questions we might have concerning the car. In the quest, for a new car, we visited other dealerships and returned to Norm Reeves after we checked all possibilities for other makes and models. Vee worked with us tirelessly until we knew we got the right deal. We will recommend this dealership and Vee to our friends and relatives. Overall good job, Vee and the people in finance that assisted in this purchase. Van and Anita Almazan

Six months ago, I came here with my parents

Jun 30, 2014 Tiffany Ly via

Six months ago, I came here with my parents to buy a car for my father and was helped by Michael Pham. He was such a sweet soul and was incredibly patient with us, especially when it came to deciding between colors and such! Today, we came again to look for a car for me this time after my car was declared a total loss after a recent accident. We asked for Michael again, and everything went even smoother than the first time! He was really sympathetic and even took his time to show me how to use my new 2014 Honda Civic sedan and teach me all I need to know about it. He told me that he would call me a few days later just to check up on me and see if I have any questions. I really believe he does his job right, so I recommend asking for Michael Pham when you come here! P.S. This Norm Reeves Honda Superstore is really organized and easy to navigate around, so I give this place 5 stars for its ambience and great service.

I came in to buy my first car and i got a 2014 Honda Civic XE

Jun 28, 2014 Elisamo Samelin via

I came in to buy my first car and i got a 2014 Honda Civic XE and everyone at the dealership was so courteous and respectful. I was helped out by Bryan Tully, Michael Lott, and Carlton Fitzgerald. Michael and Bryan were the ones that helped me pick out the right car for me and they did a superb job! They were really cool guys to talk with and the made the process run smoothly. Carlton was the one that helped us out with the cost of the car. He was so nice, welcoming and had such an amazing attitude. Definitely a great place to buy a car and I hope to do business with them again.

Just bought an Odyssey thanks to the excellent service

Jun 28, 2014 TiaJohn Wilson via

Just bought an Odyssey thanks to the excellent service provided by Michael Pham. Michael was very patient as my wife and I asked question after question about the different models and financing options. He was knowledgeable and attentive while not pressuring us at all. I would definetly recommend Michael to any of my friends. He is a great example of the great service we always get at Norm Reeves. This is the 2nd car we have bought here and will most likely be back when it is time to upgrade our car. Keep up the great work Michael and Norm Reeves Honda!

Visiting fountain valley from Las ...

Jun 27, 2014 Michael F. via

Visiting fountain valley from Las Vegas and realized I needed oil change transmission fluid change and daytime running light running was out. Located Norm Reeves Honda and Benito in service greeted me immediately. He quoted me a very fair price for the service and told me up to two hours. Work was completed in an hour and fifteen minutes and the price quote was spot on. Benito and the staff were professional friendly and very precise. Five stars for Norm Reeves Honda in Huntington Beach. Michael / Las Vegas NV.

Good Job

Jun 25, 2014 Rachel via

Always good service here. I like this dealership and the people who work here are very nice. Service department is crowded but they work fast to help you. The remodeled dealership looks very nice and has a nice waiting area. I always take my car her for service, and like that they wash the car for you.

Well, this is the second car I've ...

Jun 24, 2014 Judith W. via

Well, this is the second car I've purchase from Norm Reeves and I cound't be happier. They are a pleasure to deal with from Paul, who was my sales person, to Dustin in finance. I LOVE my Honday Civic Hybrid, love, love, love it. No puressure, just a pleasant experience. What a radical concept! Their service is top notch as well.

Wow, Bryan Tully and Mike Lott really went to bat ...

Jun 22, 2014 Jerod Marino via

Wow, Bryan Tully and Mike Lott really went to bat for my nephew Nick S. at Norm Reeves Honda HB. My nephew was in a serious bind and needed a car in a matter of days. Bryan and Mike took what would seem to be a imposible situation a got us through the complete process of buying a car with the greatest customer service. Knowledgeable, kind, and professional, I would recommend anyone to see Bryan or Mike. They will take care of you, and make sure your (needs) are met if not surpassed. I was so impressed with how they took care of my nephew I took the time to thank them with this review. Thank you Bryan, Mike, and the entire team at Norm Reeves HB for helping us through one of lifes complications.

Worked with Paul Schroeder and ...

Jun 22, 2014 Adam F. via

Worked with Paul Schroeder and Amit from this Honda dealer and got a new Pilot. Love the car, and had great service from them both. I went to multiple dealers on Beach Blvd and liked Paul because he was upfront and honest and never pushy.A lot of the dealers I visited acted like they had no idea what the national ads were, what deals were available, etc. Paul printed out the offers available and we were able to start looking at cars right away.Will be back to buy from these guys again, and got a good deal on the lease. Also liked that new Hondas come standard with bluetooth and backup camera. Great value for the price.

Michael Pham helped me find the perfect car within...

Jun 20, 2014 Hop Nguyen via

Michael Pham helped me find the perfect car within my budget. He was extremely attentive and remembered all the details that was told to him. I came into Honda with my dad and am glad that Michael Pham helped us out. He understood exactly what I wanted and exactly within the budget I wanted. I absolutely recommend Michael Pham to anyone looking to buy a Honda! Everything went smoothly and we were treated in an extremely professional manner. He also showed that he cared for his customers which is a plus in my book! Not only that, but he provided helpful tips for me since I'm a new car buyer. I am so excited to drive my new car!

Great experience at this Honda ...

Jun 18, 2014 Jeff P. via

Great experience at this Honda servicing my 2002 Accord.Made a hassle free appointment online. Came in and was greeted by a friendly service adviser. Told him I had a check engine light issue and he quickly came out with his computer and connected it to my car for diagnosis. Within minutes he was able to find the solution and clear my light (needed a new gas cap). Easy purchase at the Parts department and I was on my way, in and out, within 30 minutes. Check in for a free keychain at the parts department! They have a huge selection.

I will keep it simple and plain ...

Jun 12, 2014 Manuel G. via

I will keep it simple and plain. This place has always provided my wife with incredible service! So much that I converted from a Toyota to Honda because of it. The service we get is exceptional. We also have a great servicer in Benito in the parts and service department that always makes us feel like family. We have purchased well over 10 cars from them ( within the family ). great place, great help and people! Ask for Benito in service.

Let me start off that my family ...

Jun 09, 2014 Michael D. via

Let me start off that my family and I have been purchasing cars here at this store for a while now. 4 cars total. 2 Honda Accords, 1 CRVs and 1 Civic! The most recent one was a Honda Civic Hybrid. The salesman that helped us for the first 3 times was Michael Pham. But the last one was Ted Cruchley! I must say, Ted Cruchley is one of the most humble individual ever! He goes above and beyond my needs and is also a very patient person! He wasn't pushy or anything. He was a straight shooter and gave me no bullshit whatsoever. Excuse my language! Dealing with him was a very pleasant experience! After the purchase has been Ted Cruchley still kept in touch, and not those spam e-mails or bullshit phone calls. There was a little complications with finance and he went out of his way to meet me up to pick up the payments. My house isn't close by just to let you know. About a 30 minute drive. I know what you're probably thinking, the dealer probably wants their money quickly, but to be honest, I've dealt with other dealers and they would of been lazy and told the customer to drive all the way down there to drop it off. Ted Cruchley offered to come without questions. During the process he made sure they detailed my car, fill my gas up and show me everything there was to know about the new car. From how to work the dashboard screen to all the warranties that came with the car. I would highly and ONLY recommend talking to Ted Cruchley if you're planning to buy a Honda from Norm Reeves. He is hands down the best car salesman! My experience there was very satisfying, enjoyable & quick thanks to Ted Cruchley!